Are you "unapproachable"


They called me unapproachable.

But what they didn’t know was the massive anxiety that would come over me in public situations.

Assumptions, judgements, jealousy and envy.

It wasn’t an unfamiliar feeling.

It’s something I’ve dealt with for many years.

It just was not something I expected from a spiritual community that claims to “empower women”

They said my investments with high level coaches were bought friendships.

What they didn’t know was how hard I worked to make those investments.

What they didn’t see were the late nights, the deep inner work and the insane commitment to my purpose that lead to my success, not “bought friendships”. And yet, this doesn’t stop me.

I keep going. I keep showing up.

I keep making investments in killer mentors.


So, the next time you assume someone is unapproachable, take a moment to get to know them. Take a moment to look at your own shadow. Take a moment to reach out and say hello.

And if you’re that person who dreads big events, networking, and social circles, I get you, I see you, and I honor you.


Don’t let that anxiety or fear of judgement stop you from showing up. They are going to judge you anyways.

So go big and be YOU, because that’s the REAL SUCCESS❤️

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