Top 10 Lessons

My top 10 lessons after 23 months of running Andee Love, Inc and generating multiple 6 figures.

  1. It doesn't matter what people think, someone will always judge.
  2. My voice has power and impacts the world.
  3. My authenticity is way more effective than trying to be like everyone else. 
  4. Fancy backgrounds on FB lives, don't really matter, but your content does. 
  5. People watch you even if they never engage with your posts and eventually sign up for something. 
  6. When you're aligned with your truth and understand your value, abundance flows. LIKE REALLY FLOWS! 
  7. It's ok to take breaks, not always be creating something...the hustle is overrated.
  8. Self-care is mandatory. And so are salt baths! 
  9. Boundaries are important, especially when you're a giver and empath because people will take advantage of that. 
  10. Self-investments are scary, but there's always a way bigger return than I imagine, so trust your intuition!