I’ve Created Success When Unaligned And Miserable…

And I’ve Created Massive Success While Aligned and Happy…

Let me tell you -- the Latter is MUCH better and SUSTAINABLE.

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Does this sound familiar?

Only a year and a half ago… my business was booming, and everything on the outside seemed great…

But if you caught a glimpse behind the scenes of how I was running my business, it would have looked like a tornado.

I was stress, unaligned, totally attached to my phone and computer all the time. I felt like I couldn’t turn the devices off. There was a huge fear of not responding right away.

I felt like I constantly had to be scrambling to create something new to launch--rather than just having consistent, content flowing through me.

I felt scattered, not aligned, and not in my purpose.

And all this stress was impacting other areas of my life, including my health and my relationship.

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But the worst part of all of this?

The roller coaster results. I’d launch a program, be scurrying to make it work, get a huge infusion of cash… but then I’d be burned out after the launch, and not able to keep working consistently in my business for a while. Then it was time to gear up for the next launch.

Rinse, wash, repeat. I rinsed, washed and repeated this cycle so many times, the threads of the clothes were getting bare!

One morning, in the middle of all of this… I had the thought:

“What would my business look like if I was committed to smooth, consistent income, without all the stress of roller coaster results and constant launching?”

I went through and looked at all the things in my business that were giving me consistent results, things that are enjoyed, that were fun and were moving the needle forward towards my vision.

Through this analysis, I separated the good from the bad…. And tossed out the bad like an old, worn pair of jeans that’s been through the cycle too many times. Leaving simply that crisp pair of jeans that look killer and make you feel amazing.

And, when I focused on the good in my business, and let go of all the filler garbage… I immediately noticed a shift in my business.


Almost right away, I sold out my 1-on-1 programs with my soul clients. I ended up with a wait list of people who wanted to work with me.

I stopped saying yes to all the things, and I only said yes to the things that were actually aligned with what I wanted to do.

I got inspired to create the programs that most deeply moved my soul. And these started selling better than ever.

For the first time in a long while, my income was consistent. And the growth was consistent as well.

During this period, my business went to low six-figures, to $650,000 - with a growth trajectory putting me on track for my first 7-figure year next year. All while working and stressing less, and never ever doing anything in my business that does not feel nourishing, aligned and on-point. My students and clients noticed this difference, obviously, and wanted to know what had shifted, how I made this shift, and how they could too.

They started asking me…

“How are you working 2.5 days a week, traveling all the time, nurturing your beautiful marriage, and making $50-60K a month?”

I was helping so many students achieve their own version of these results… but I felt limited in the 1-to-1 format. While I love working with clients 1-on-1, there’s only so many clients I can serve that way. I wanted to reach a much wider audience with what I’ve learned, because I’m committed to all of you live an impactful life that is aligned with your vision.

That’s why I created what I’m about to share with you:

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I put this 5-month program together to teach you everything I've learned about building a brand that is an extension of your authentic truth, creating a message that connects with your audience, makes and impact and allows you to sell and share with soul. 

A program that will facilitate a soul connection, allowing you to tap into the power of your intuition. A program that will that will break down the soul practices I have used to create a successful multiple-six figure business.  Learning the energy behind soulful branding, marketing and selling will take you to the next level in your business.

I also talk to my students about giving goals and income goals. I’ve found that, when students focus on developing wealth not only for themselves, but for a higher purpose of giving back… not only do they give more, but more resources flow their way for the giving.

I want to teach people how to be confident at what they’re doing.

How to feel fulfilled and have fun.


It’s an upward spiral. The more you are living on-point and on-purpose, the more the universe steers resources (time, energy, finances, inspiration, connections) your way for stewardship.

The more you give, the more you get back.
And the more you get back, the more you should give…


 So here is the deal, I know what it’s like. I know how it feels to struggle, to desire more and to pray for a light at the end of the tunnel.

You've put your heart into your business, you've taken all the courses and tried "all the things", but something seems to be missing.

But for a moment imagine what is would feel to open your email every single day to people messaging you about your programs, working with you and an abundance flowing that supports all of your desires!  


and I am here... 

To guide you. To walk you through the process. To show you step-by-step how to master the art of branding, marketing and selling with SOUL from a place that is lead by your intuition. 

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Andee Love is a spiritual success & alignment coach, and intuitive with a master's degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology.

She is redefining the way the coaching world is teaching the ways to success and co-creating. She is on track to a 7-figure year and has made it her mission to empower others to see the power they hold when they tune into their highest self.

She believes deeply in the mind/body connection and creating an internal & external environment where happiness, joy, and success are inevitable.   

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Andee will educate, motivate, and inspire you to  build a business where your focus is on what your clients WANT and NEED and how you can create it for them!! I had so many questions in regards to clients and marketing and sales and Andrea filled in the blanks and inspired me to think of the IMPACT of what my programs could do for my future clients.Her instructions are easy to follow, she leads group calls and FB lives that encourage you and create excitement and is the most kind and generous mentor with her knowledge, insight, and experience. The tools Andee shared with us would have taken days (if not weeks!) for me to figure out on my own. If you're looking for the spark to create the fire to discover what you can share with the world...sign up today!! 

Kate Benson

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I am grateful I came across Andee Love and enrolled in Soulful Academy with her. I had been feeling stuck and unable to move forward with my business. Andee helped me recognize what was really blocking me and was really able to make the steps for moving forward simple. She broke down the steps so it was simple and not intimidating to take the steps I needed to get farther than I have before in setting up my program. I was finally able to define who I REALLY wanted to work with and what programs I REALLY wanted to create. She is very supportive and gives so much value to the group. I have really enjoyed working with her in Soulful Academy and other programs she offers. 

Sabrina Hernandez

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Module 1: Your Soul Client

This module is all about getting clear on your ideal client. I will guide you through a process of using "law of attraction marketing". I will take you step-by-step through the ways of attracting your ideal clients, and getting very specific on what it is that you offer, and what it is that you are looking for in the clients you work with.

Module 2: Soulful Branding & Soulful Mission

This module is all about your brand. Creating an authentic brand is extremely important when building a business. I deeply believe in branding that is an extension of your divine essence. I will guide you through getting really clear on your message, your gifts and the ways to translate your core message and voice to the world. Your brand is everything. We GO BIG here!

Module 3: Your Soulful Niche & Offering

This module you will connect into your spiritual gifts and what you desire to offer to the world. I will guide you through a process to gain clarity on what you will offer that will make you stand out in your field.  I will guide you to become specialized in your niche.

Module 4: Your Soulful Creation

This module we will dive deep into creating your 1:1 packages, online courses,creating your first webinar, creating  your online challenge, creating a video series.

Module 5: Marketing with Soul

This module we create an authentic approach to sharing your gifts with the world! We will dive into creating sales pages, email funnels and booking and filling your discovery calls.  

Module 6: Your Soulful Offer & Integration

This module is all about integration and standing out from the masses. We will bring your brand, marketing and offer to LIFE. We will combine your practical business plan with your spiritual flavor and create a soulful offer that is irresistible.  

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▲This is a self-paced course held completely online!

▲All modules have been pre recorded for you and are on average 45-70 minutes in length.

▲You will gain access to the PRIVATE FB group- The Soulful Academy upon your enrollment.

▲You will have unlimited replay.

▲You own the course material forever.

▲You have access to me for Q & A.

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Bringing healthy skepticism to spiritual growth and healing, Chelsea Quint integrates modern science with ancient wisdom.

She is known for her ability to meet you wherever you’re at, allowing space for graceful expansion, self acceptance, powerful healing and radical transformation.

There is a beautiful need for light and light workers in the world - and at the same time, Chelsea knows you must fully accept, own and integrate your own darkness to live life in its fullest expression - she will guide you through this transformation.

Chelsea helps you embody your full truth (shadow, messy bits and all), discover your unique medicine and gifts, and create a life full of everything you desire. When you heal your heart and reclaim your co-creative power, we can heal our collective world.

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▲ 6 Pre-Recorded Modules & SOUL Work

▲ Meditations & Affirmations

▲ Ideal SOUL Client Workbook

▲ Discovery Call Formula that flows with SOUL

▲Course Creation Tutorials > SIMPLE & SOULFUL

▲ SOULFUL Sales Page Structure Template

▲ Email Funnel Templates that connect and serve

▲ Private FB Group with Additional Training

▲ 90 Minute Human Design Training for your Biz with Chelsea

▲ Scheduling for your Chakras with Chelsea

▲ 8, 90-Minute Group Coaching Sessions with Andee & Chelsea for Hot Seat Coaching & Open Q/A (PRICELESS)

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▲ 6 Pre-Recorded Modules & SOUL Work

▲ Meditations & Affirmations

▲ Ideal SOUL Client Workbook

▲ Discovery Call  Formula that flows with SOUL

▲Course Creation Tutorials > SIMPLE & SOULFUL

▲ SOULFUL Sales Page Structure Template

▲ Email Funnel Templates that connect and serve

▲ Private FB Group with Additional Training

▲ 90 Minute Human Design Training for your Biz with Chelsea

▲ Scheduling for your Chakras with Chelsea

▲ 8, 90-Minute Group Coaching Sessions with Andee & Chelsea for Hot Seat Coaching & Open Q/A (PRICELESS)

> BONUS: 1, 30 Minute 1:1 SOUL Sessions with Andee

> BONUS: High-Level Aligned Soul Goal Training

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Before taking the Soulful Academy with Andee, I had been flailing about at trying to design and start the “right” business for me. I knew I needed to shine my light more brightly in this world, but I wasn’t quite sure how. I knew I deeply desired to be of a higher service, but had a lack of clarity on how that could look.

Because of the Soulful Academy I feel crystal clear about how my “gifting” can be a business. I launched my first digital course and have 2 others currently in the works. I am writing my first book, working on an album, and have vastly increased my exposure as a result of sharing (aka marketing) from a heart-centered manner.

I no longer feel “icky” about marketing. Andee makes owning a business feel like the easiest, most loving thing you can do for yourself and for the world. I have taken many online business classes and Andee’s accelerated me the most. It was exactly what I needed to figure out how to best start my business from a soulful place and her support was so epic it felt like a 1:1 program made just for me. I cannot speak highly enough of the Soulful Academy. I wouldn’t feel nearly as excited for my business if it weren’t for Andee.

Marisa Imôn

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I am in love with Andee Love and this course. I had so many questions and had no idea what I needed or how to share it. After this course I now know how to create and update my website, create email funnels, and most importantly make sure I'm getting my clients what they need. I am clearly sharing my message and my modality. It has been so eye opening. I am beyond thankful for everything that Andee has done. She goes above and beyond. I am also so grateful because I have made life long friends in this journey. 

Rebecca Packard



I am Andee Love, founder of Andee Love, Inc and I am so excited for you to jump into this program! I have been divinely inspired to create something to take you to the next level in business & life! A program that is not full of hype and crazy promises.  

If you are you ready to step up, to raise your standards and take your business to the next level, you are in the right place. 2 1/2 years ago, I launched my businesses from scratch and my key ingredient to massive success was my authentic connection to my truth, my mindset and staying aligned with my soul.  

The branding, marketing & sales tools that I teach in this course have been part of my formula to create an IMPACTFUL & multiple 6-figure business, that is on track to break 7 figures. What I can promise you is that if you fully engage in the process, work with me step-by-step and take the action required, you can have unlimited success. 

I am living proof that when you have the desire, you do the personal work and pair that with certainty, action and soul, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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I am honored to be a student with Andee Love and a student of The Soulful Academy. Andee is with you every step of the way, and has incredible gifts for teaching along with beautiful insights. The teachings have opened doors to many opportunities & possibilities and I am able to know & believe that I can do anything I desire, & trust that I have what it takes for my dreams come true.

Janet Ienco

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I love Andee's work. Andee is a lovely soul, she puts her heart & soul in the classes she creates & supports you whenever you need her. I loved Soulful Academy, because Andee combined so many great information with powerful meditations and affirmations. It helps you to grow your business from within and to connect deeply with what you are creating and why. If you feel called to work with her, do it

Jennifer Jabs

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What if I am not a life coach or holistic healer, or business owner, can I still take this information and apply it to my life?

Yes! I work with many types of people. Health coaches, individuals in direct sales, life coaches, energy workers, artists, nurses, hair stylists...

All have reported that working specifically on mindset and transcending their limiting beliefs, has resulted in profound results in their life!

When does the course begin? 

We begin as a group on 11/11/18 however when you purchase the course you receive access to Module 1 right away! 

What if I cannot make the Live Coaching Calls? 

All calls are recorded and you will have full access to the replay! 

What if I don't have time to start the course now? 

You gain exclusive access to my membership site, where each week you'll receive a training module. This course is at your own pace, so you can start when you are ready. And because you own this content forever, you can go through the the course as many times as you would like. 

What can I expect from this course? 

Support, love, guidance and a step-by-step action plan to brand, market and sell with soul.

Are you offering a payment plan? 

YES! You will find all of my payment options below.  

Can you guarantee results? 

If you show up, do the work and stay committed to the process, a shift is inevitable.

More questions? Email andrea@andeelove.com

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If you are on the fence about enrolling or still questioning it, please, please reach out!!! Don't keep waiting to say YES to your hearts desire!! 

The Soulful Academy is designed to take you to the next level in your business.  A program that is not full of hype and crazy promises. A program that will facilitate a deep soul connection to your brand and the ability to authentically connected to your audience and create an irresistible offer.

It's time for you to show up as you most authentic self. It is time for you to stand firm in your authentic truth. 

I am not here to talk you into this. But I am here to empower you to listen to your heart. To choose the path that feels right to you! 

I want you to take inspired action from a place that is connected to your purpose and intention, knowing fully that you are worthy of a life of your wildest dreams.

If I can do it, so can you!! So feel the fear...and do it anyway! 


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When I started getting coached by Andee, I was completely lost, frustrated, and praying for a miracle. I was moments away from being broke and had no idea how to level up my business. Immediately after working with Andee, I experienced massive shifts not only internally, but in my business as well. Just after our first session together, I had a clearer vision of what exactly I needed to do to call in more money. Andee taught me both spiritual principles to keep my energy high vibe AND tangible ways to have a steady flow of of income. This helped me tremendously, for I was able to exceed my monthly income goals just within two weeks of her coaching! Andee is a fabulous coach that has a ton of experience. She holds a beautiful space for you to grow and prosper. Working with Andee has been an absolute blessing and I highly recommended her services for anyone and everyone in need of a miracle. Thank you, Andee Love!

Marissa Conte, Transformational Life Coach


I have had the honor to be a college of Andee's in spreading love and light to the world for a little over a year now and it has been beautiful to witness her flourishing and thriving. I saw all of this on the outside looking in; however, when I learned from her personally and participated in her groups and her trainings I was blown away. She is real genuine raw and always comes from a place of service. She truly is co-creating with the universe in all of the beautiful work she creates. She gives generously and over-delivers on everything she creates because she is in such alignment with her work and her message. She truly is invested in this work and each client she works with. Her Soulful Academy is the beautiful creation of Andee's work and evolution. I have been honored to witness and learn from over the past year I have been connected with her. If you want to learn from someone who truly practices what she preaches and weaves in her personality, spiritual work, practical tools for your success with a genuine heart and a bright light that she shines purely from her heart and soul, then Andee Love and her Soulful Academy is 150% the program for you. You will transform and grow so much for everything she will teach. Thank you for being the light Andee.

Dr. Katie Henry- Transformational Coach and Intuitive Healer