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A weekend getaway for women who are ready to come together in spirituality and luxury. Get ready to create subtle shifts for radical change AND unlimited happiness!

San Diego, CA 
 February 8-10, 2019

At the May Cause Miracles Luxury Retreat, we will guide you through the weekend intensive program based on Gabrielle Bernstein’s New York Times best-selling book, May Cause Miracles. There has NEVER been anything done like this before.

Don’t miss out on this unique, intimate experience!

Your retreat experience will be guided by Andee Love & Asia Dawn

Andee Love and Asia Dawn are May Cause Miracles Coaches and Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkie Level 1 and 2 graduates and practitioners who have been trained by Gabby to teach the principles of this guidebook. There are a limited number of coaches who have been trained in this approach, and you will be receiving access to two of these coaches in one powerful weekend!

Andee Love is a highly trained Spiritual Business Coach & Healer. She works with people to transcend their limiting beliefs and to step into their authentic truth & power. She believes in the power of the mind/body connection and creating an internal & external environment where happiness, joy, and success are inevitable.  She hold a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University


Asia Dawn is a women’s empowerment and relationship coach. She takes women from heartbreak to purpose by helping them break free from their past, create space for healthy love, and step into their personal power. Currently based in Mexico City, Asia hosts events and retreats around the world to empower women to cultivate more fulfilling relationships.

What if we told you that there were techniques that we have applied to our lives to bust through our blocks and create the mindset that allowed us to create our wildest dreams?

Andee is on track for a seven figure business year, while Asia is living and coaching abroad in her dream home in Mexico.

If we told you that you could create whatever you wanted for yourself, simply by following these techniques and shifting your mindset...would you do it?

Of Course You Would!

Over the weekend, this is exactly what you will learn as we guide you through May Cause Miracles and other modalities that we’ve integrated into our lives. We can’t wait to share this magical experience with you!

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▲You are ready to shift your mindset and manifest your deepest desires
▲You want to work on yourself and pamper yourself
▲You are ready to increase your self worth and raise your standards
▲You’d love a luxurious weekend getaway with ocean views and everything taken care of for you
▲You crave coaching, community, and connection
▲You are ready to create positive, long-lasting change in your life


What’s Included?

▲ Intimate group coaching call with Andee and Asia before the retreat to get started right away! (If you sign up by 12/31/18!)
▲ Healing massage with a professional massage therapist
▲ Self-love photoshoot to bring out your divine radiance
▲ Delicious home cooked meals, coffee, tea, and snacks
▲ Your own cozy bed in an oceanfront home in San Diego, CA
▲ Welcome gift and signed copy of May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein
▲ Coaching, sisterhood, and a once in a lifetime all-inclusive retreat experience with Andee and Asia for radical healing and change!

Andee & Asia have come together to create this once in a lifetime experience!

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Friday 2/8/19

Arrival, Dinner, Welcome Circle and Meditation, Group Coaching with Andee & Asia

May Cause Miracles Taught >>

▲ Becoming Miracle Minded: We will get started by learning to identify how fear exists as various blocks in your life by exploring the key principles: Witnessing your fear, willingness to change, shifts in perception, gratitude, forgiveness and miracles.

Saturday 2/9/19

Home Cooked Meals, Massage, Self-Love Photoshoot, Group Coaching with Andee & Asia

May Cause Miracles Taught >>

▲ A New Self-Perception: Learn about the importance of self-love. We will guide you to strengthen your relationship with yourself and you’ll become willing to release old patterns of self-attack

▲ Body Image: Our relationships with food and our body can easily become negative patterns of self-sabotage. You will be guided through discovering that any food and body issues you have are products of a core fear. We will walk you through exercises that will help you identify and create a shift in your self-sabotaging patterns, in addition to sharing our own experiences and struggles with body image.

▲ Relationships: We will get honest about how fear has held you back from romantic bliss. You will be offered powerful tools from A Course in Miracles that will lead you to experience immediate internal shifts around romance, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

>>> Receive SPECIAL INSIGHT on creating space for healthy love and healing heartbreak from Relationship Coach, Asia Dawn <<<

▲ Raise Your Self-Worth, Raise Your Net-Worth: Learn how fear has blocked your financial abundance. You will be guided through exercises that will activate gratitude and become empowered to achieve financial freedom and abundance.

>>> Gain EXCLUSIVE INSIGHTS from 7-figure Success Coach, Andee Love <<<

Sunday 2/10/19

Breakfast, Group Coaching with Andee & Asia, Parting party!
▲ Working Miracles: You’re now ready to become a miracle worker! You will leave feeling empowered to continue to transform and create a life full of purpose. You will leave the weekend with the tools necessary for radical change, EMPOWERED to take massive action!

“I am willing to let go of my self-doubt. I surrender to self love.” — Gabby Bernstein

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Absolutely! Reading May Cause Miracles on your own is a great start, but having the support and guidance of two coaches who have been personally trained by Gabby will amplify the process and what you take away from the material. Plus, you will be surrounded by other women and get to go through the teachings together, which will enhance your experience even further! The power of community is very real! You will receive all the love, support, and resources you could possibly need to leave the weekend feeling refreshed, empowered, and inspired to step into the next version of you... whatever that may look like! And don’t forget, this is a LUXURY RETREAT EXPERIENCE WITH BOTH OF US IN SAN DIEGO! Need we say more??

Yes! Andee and Asia each found Gabby Bernstein at different times in their spiritual paths. And once they did, HUGE shifts ensued! Consider this your time to get to know Gabby too! Her book May Cause Miracles is perfect for anyone looking to dive deeper into their personal development and spiritual practice. It’s for anyone looking to make a change in their life and feel better NOW.

Gabby is a #1 New York Times best selling author, international speaker, and spiritual leader. She was featured on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday as a “next-generation thought leader,” and The New York Times named her “a new role model.” She appears regularly as an expert on The Dr. Oz Show and co-hosted the Guinness World Record largest guided meditation with Deepak Chopra. We love Gabby and all things “spirit junkie”!

YES! The sooner you sign up, the more generous the payment plan will be. We are currently offering 3 payments of just $397! Remember, we’re only taking 6 people so don’t wait to secure your spot!


If you fully show up, do the work and stay committed to the process, a shift is inevitable. If you are on the fence about enrolling or still questioning if this retreat is for you, please reach out to either one of us! Don't keep waiting to say YES to your heart’s desire!! You deserve to treat yourself to a luxurious weekend of growth, healing, and sisterhood...all while feeling completely support and pampered by us! We cannot wait to connect with you in person!

Retreats are special in that they provide radical change in a short amount of time. Everything is amplified when you commit to focusing on yourself for the weekend, surrounded by other women who are doing the same. Listen to your heart, and choose the path that’s right for you. Feel the fear...and then do it anyway! That’s what we would do. That’s what Andee did when she scaled her business to seven figures, and that’s what Asia did when she moved to Mexico on her own.

It’s time for you to show up as your most authentic self and stand firm in your authentic truth.