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Join my FREE 3-Part Video Series on Mastering Mindset, where I will break down the process I use to maintain a high-vibe state!

*I'll guide you through a process to dive deep into your soul, assisting you in getting clear on your purpose, mission and soul's calling. 

*I'll  help you create awareness around the stories and limiting belief that are holding you back, so you can begin the process of transcending beyond.

*I'll empower you to transform your story that aligns with your truth and that is an energetic match for your deepest desires.


I will also leave you with my favorite affirmations and mantras and I will encourage you to complete soul work after each video to facilitate the creative process.


1. Getting Clear on Your Desires:

This includes pulling your vision to the forefront and taking inspired action.

2. Busting Through Blocks & Knowing Your Worth.  

Uncover your limiting beliefs and flip them! You have to believe with every cell in your body that you are worthy and that your dreams can be a reality.

3. Transform Your Story:

Create a new story. One that defines your authentic truth and is in alignment with your vision & desires and allows you to be an energetic match for your vision & dream. 


I've put together this FREE  training for YOU! I will give you my tips & principles used

to MASTER MY MINDSET before going after every BIG goal I've achieved.   

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Hello Beautiful, 

I am Andee Love, a Spiritual Coach and Holistic Healer. My mission is to be FEARLESSLY AUTHENTIC. To EXPRESS, MODEL & INSPIRE a WORLDWIDE movement of LOVE. 

As a spiritual coach, I have lead and mentored hundreds of aspiring heart-centered entrepreneurs and lightworkers to success. 

Over the last three years, I have created 2 separate 6-figure businesses by MASTERING MINDSET,  busting through my own limiting beliefs and creating new, more empowering stories that are in alignment with my deepest desires. 

Taking this new mindset and applying the principles of manifestation and inspired action, I have co-created the life and business of my dreams.  

My mission now is to reach millions of people worldwide to empower them to transcend beyond their own limiting beliefs and to live from a place of LOVE, where miracles are expected.

Much Love & Light Always,