This course is for you if: 

▲You have something holding you back from massive success.

▲You are ready to increase your self worth.

▲You have unlimited replays and it is self-paced.

▲You are ready to shift your mindset and manifest your deepest desires. 

▲You find yourself day dreaming about your dream life.

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This Course will guide you to bust through the fears and stories blocking you from receiving your deepest desires. You will learn to believe in your gifts and the value you have to offer the world. You will be given the tools to shift your mindset into a higher vibration, manifest the life of your dreams and to  LIVE YOUR LOVE

What if I told you that there were techniques that I have used to bust through my blocks & create the mindset that allowed me to create 2 very successful 6-figure businesses, Would you do it?

Of Course You Would!  

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Here is what you will learn in Magic VS Manifestation:


Identify What is Blocking you from Reaching your Highest Potential. What are the fear based stories you are holding onto that are blocking your success? I will guide you through a fear based inventory and free writing activity to bust through the limiting beliefs holding you back. 

Module TWO:

Your Self Worth = Your Net Worth. What beliefs do you have around your self-worth? Around your ability to succeed? Around living the life of your dreams?  How you feel about yourself has everything to do with what you are attracting into your life. I will teach you my favorite tips and tools to RADICAL SELF-LOVE.  I want you to LOVE yourself and I will guide you through this incredible transformation. 


Believe in your value & shift your mindset into a HIGHER VIBRATION:This is where the MANIFESTATION HAPPENS!!! Are you ready to Manifest? To LIVE YOUR LOVE?  Taking the content from Week 1 & 2, we will combine the tools taught and talk specifically about the Mind/Body Connection & how changing our thoughts, changes our reality.

You will leave this course empowered and with the tools to begin manifesting your deepest desires.


What Else is Included?

▲ Affirmations
▲ Meditations
▲ Soul Work
▲ Video Recordings
▲ Unlimited Replay


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Andee Love is a spiritual success coach, self-love guru and intuitive with a master's degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. She is redefining the way the coaching world is teaching the ways to success and co-creating. She is on track to a 7-figure year and has made it her mission to empower others to see the power they hold when they tune into their highest self. She believes deeply in the mind/body connection and creating an internal & external environment where happiness, joy, and success are inevitable. 



Do not miss your chance to bust through your fears & limiting beliefs! It is time to shift your mindset so you can Live Your Love