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Welcome Love Warriors, I am so honored to have you in this program! Be proud of yourself for saying YES, signing up and taking the first step towards stepping into the power of MANIFESTATION! Please let me know how I can support you on this journey. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Love & Light Always, Andee Love

Magic vs Manifestation:


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module one soulwork:

Journal the following:

(This activity was taught to me in Gabrielle Bernstein’s Master Class) *Take time for each question. Free write and allow yourself to be completely honest. The more honest you are, the more healing that will take place. 

1.What fears, thoughts, stories are you holding onto that are blocking you from your desires?

2.In what ways are these thoughts and beliefs holding you back from stepping into your power?

3.How do your compare yourself to others? 

4. What would it look like to others & feel like in your body if you were able to release your fears?

Fill in the blank: Releasing my fear-based story and self-limiting beliefs, allows me the freedom to:

~Practice Recognize, Record and Release for the next week.

~Practice reframing your thoughts and using empowering questions.

~Start each day with 3 Gratitude's and end each night with 3 Joys. 


All good things come to me.
I welcome prosperity into my life.
I am rooted in my authentic truth and power.
I have the courage to confront any challenge that comes across my path today.
I accept my unique qualities as I let go of self-doubt.


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module two soulwork:

1.Make a list of 15 things that you are good at, and that you could offer to another. What are your strengths?

2. Journal about how you value yourself: BE HONEST

3.Create a list of all of you financial fears. Where did these stories and beliefs come from?

4. Make a list of all the ways your egoic-fear based thoughts have reinforced lack in your life.

5. Write yourself a letter, forgiving yourself for any anger, frustration or resentment that you may hold towards yourself or others in regards to your financial history.

6. Continue with Recognize, Record & Release

7. Continue with beginning your day with 3 things you are grateful and end with 3 things that brought you joy.


~ Abundance and prosperity is my birthright and I have it.
~Money flows to me easily.
~I am not my lack mentality.
~I see abundance everywhere.
~I create the exact lifestyle I want to live with enthusiasm.
~I am worthy of living in abundance.
~I am aligned with the energy of wealth.
~I am Joy.
~I radiate success.
~My self-esteem is high and I honor who I am.


(PASSWORD FOR VIDEO: liveyourlove)

module three soulwork:

1. Set your intentions in the following areas:

•In general

•Your body






•Anything else important to you

2. Write it down your desires! Most people do not write down their desires. Describe the goal in as much detail as possible. Be very specific. For instance, "I want a new career in sales where I make at least $150,000, and work with supportive, like-minded and fun people!”

3. Now state your intention in an affirming sentence in present tense. An example of a sentence could be "I am now earning $150,000 a year in sales and loving it!!".

4. Three to Five times a week, do a 5-10 minute visualization meditation. Focus on your specific outcome. Imagine the things you desire.

5. Make the choice to do this work daily. Affirm that is will be easy- I love the way it feels…

6. Remain the gentle observer.

7. Continue with Recognize, Record & Release.

8. Continue with gratitude & joy.



~ My beliefs manifest my reality.
~ I have the power to manifest my dreams.
~ My positive mindset attracts positive circumstances.
~ I believe deeply that I can achieve anything I desire.
~ I live in a world of abundance.
~ Prosperity is circulating in my life.
~ I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.
~ Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones.
~ I am financially wealthy.
~ Opportunities arrive at the right time in the right place.
~ I am grateful for the life I have.
~ My income is ever increasing.



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