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I remember sitting on my couch last year and declaring that it was my time for media. It seemed like every time I would log onto social media another coach was suddenly coming out of nowhere. I was watching people land TED Talks, get book deals, and publications like Greatist & Forbes. 

I thought why not me? How are they doing it? I was determined to find the answer... Were they fearless go-getters or did they have some in with the media?

Was their story and mission more important than mine? 

But the reality was that if it was possible for them, then it was possible for me...and if it possible for me, then it is 100% possible for YOU too…

In the moment, I made the decision to take action and find the mentors you could help me achieve what I desired…I was on a MISSION to create massive IMPACT…And so I declared it…a few months later…In walks, Selena Soo, and she helped me achieve this dream and more…if you don’t know her, YOU NEED TO!

Today, there is no looking back. Today my messages is being shared with the masses and now it is your turn!

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Since working with Selena I have:

I have Been featured in Greatist, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Mind body green & Fast Company

I have been Featured & Interviewed on Top Podcasts

Spoke on stage at a high-Level Mastermind for multi-six and Seven figure business owners

Hung out in NYC at VIP events with Media like O Magazine, Forbes, The Today Show and The New York Times

Organically grown my list by the 100s and have made $$$ in my sleep

Spread my message to the masses


Reach more people. Change the world.



Aside from learning for the BEST in PR, you will also learn from me!

Join me, Selena Soo, and Assertive Biz Coach, Elaine Lou for an epic ONE DAY RETREAT in San Diego on June 15, 2019

This intimate experience will blow your mind and catapult you into the next level of your life and business.

You must take action NOW, I only have 10 spots for this event!


Join me on 2, 90-Minute Group Coaching Calls, where we will dive deep into all things PR, Manifestation, Business Growth and using Instagram to sell high-ticket programs & services.

You will get FULL access to ME!

Hot seat coaching, networking and connections. Both calls will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to everything we cover!

An 8-Module Self-Study Program to completely transform your mindset so that you have all the confidence you need to go after BIG Media!

Module 1: The Mindset Inventory, Module 2: Creating Your Vision, Module 3: Setting Goals, Module 4: Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind, Module 5: Listening To Your Body, Module 6: Transforming Your Story, Module 7: Mastering Consistency, Module 8: Miracles & Manifestation

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Register IMPACTING MILLIONS before 11:59PM ET on MARCH 29, you lock in Selena’s Early Bird Bonuses…

Early Bird Bonus #1: The Messaging Lab (Value $300)

If you’re “not a words person” or “don’t like marketing,” Selena will show you how to talk about your work in a way the media finds compelling. In the Messaging Lab, you’ll learn how to communicate what you do in a way that gets people to sit up and pay attention.

Why you want it:

Ever try to tell someone who isn’t in your industry what you do? Maybe their eyes glaze over or they suddenly, mysteriously need to use the restroom…

Well then you need The Messaging Lab, to get help with exactly how to share your work so that people lean into the conversion rather than getting confused and walking away.

Bottom Line?

When people understand what you do and how your work helps people –they’re more likely to share it!

Early Bird Bonus #2: The Story Idea Workshop (Value $299)

Not sure which of your stories the media will want to feature? In this virtual workshop, a magazine editor will help you figure out your best story ideas to pitch to the media. This will save you time and energy as you learn how to only pitch the stories that are sure winners.

Why you want it:

Ever sit down at your computer with a blank document, ready to write, and effortlessly whip out a blog post worthy of a spread in your favorite magazine?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Every single person who wants PR needs The Story Idea Workshop because, when it comes to your own business, you’re just too close to your work to see all the interesting stories you could be pitching to the media.

Bottom Line?

If you pitch crappy stories, your media exposure will land in the toilet.

Early Bird Bonus #3: Sales Accelerator Intensive (Value $397)

Want to know how to get clients fast or monetize your media coverage? In this intensive session, you’ll learn how to turn leads into sales quickly and rapidly grow your business.

Why you want it:

If you just get media for media’s sake… your business isn’t going to grow very much.

Sure, being famous is all well and good. But at the end of the day, you’re an entrepreneur who wants to serve the world through your meaningful work — and make good money doing it!

The Sales Accelerator Intensive is the best way to learn how to take all the media exposure you’ll get in Impacting Millions® and convert it into cash.

Bottom Line?

Mo’ media, mo’ money.


I am a proud partner of the Impacting Millions program. If you enroll through my link, I will receive a commission which means I can provide you with extra bonuses to make your experience even better! I only promote people and programs that I stand behind 100% and that I know will help you create real results in your business. 

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