Friday I'm in LOVE

Hello Beautiful! 

It has been a few weeks since I have posted you a little LOVE and as I was driving home today from an awesome lunch with a girlfriend I was inspired while soaking in the California coastline and blasting some old school Cure! 

So in honor of one of my favorite songs, Friday I'm in Love, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite in love items with you on this amazing Friday! 

Ok, so last month I tried a new toothpaste, and WOW!!!!! It is incredible! I've always been a natural toothpaste freak (when I was 8 years old I got super sick from the fluoride at the dentist office..still traumatized lol!) and so I am always searching for the latest and greatest, that will ACTUALLY work!!! And I must admit, I am IMPRESSED with Mōdere's all natural toothpaste, which I might add, is APPROVED!!!! So, if you're like me, and brushing your teeth with chemicals freaks you out, try this brand for FREE on me :) Just click the button below, add it to your cart, and check-out! 


So, not only do I love clean, bright teeth, but I also love glowing skin and last night I grabbed an at home brightening skin mask by Andalou Naturals and it is divine!!! Not only did I use it last night while I soaked in a lavender bath, but I applied it again this morning!!!! If you're looking for an at home treatment, that smells great, feels great and works great, you'll be happy you grabbed this! 

And finally, my book of the Month, which I will be diving into fully in the next few week, is May Cause Miracles, by Gabby Bernstein! And, not only will I be going through the daily exercises to create my own subtle shifts to happiness, I am teaching a 6 week course on it and offering group coaching calls, a private facebook group, weekly meditations and weekly affirmations!!! The course is ONLY $168 (or 2 payments of $90) and spaces will MAX OUT! Check out all of the details and secure your spot, not only will you LOVE the book, but you'll bust through your blocks with a group of amazing visionaries!! So make sure you check out what's included! 

16472980_10155028951578139_8839222504246855521_n (1).jpg

I hope you enjoy a little bit of what I love!!! Wishing you a day full of blessing, love and light always! 

XO, Andee

Stay in your flow

What takes you out of your flow? What takes you our of your power? Lately I've noticed myself clinging to the outcome of things, or insisting on what I think I need. When I do this, I am literally blocking the energetic flow that I desire and I am blocking my own powerful intuition. Today I will practice staying in the present moment & coming back to breath, coming back to faith....coming back to love. ACIM says that when we are living in this fear based thinking, it is a sure sign that we are trusting and relying on our own strength. In this moment, we must surrender. STAY IN YOUR FLOW!!

The POWER of Love...

I don't care who you voted for... I respect your choice. This is not about red vs blue... This is about a nation divided....a world divided... A human race divided. THIS IS NOT THE WAY IT SHOULD BE....My heart is so heavy.

I feel the division and separateness so strong & deep into my core. I am on only a few hours of sleep and I've been searching for stillness...searching for peace.

So my prayer to God today is how can we bring oneness, love, compassion, unity, and peace into our country even more right now? 

Today, I celebrate....

This is your time!!! I believe in you! I believe you are worthy of living the life of your wildest dreams.

10 months ago, I set out to fully step into my authentic truth. To allow myself to be seen...fully. To unapologetically chase my dreams, regardless of what people thought.

I launched my coaching business Andee Love, with a mission to impact the masses. To assist and guide others in transcending beyond their limiting beliefs. To spread a worldwide movement of love, where we have the ability to shift our fear based thoughts moment-to-moment, staying in the energetic alignment of joy, abundance, peace, and truth.

During my recent trip to Big Sur and San Francisco I took time to reflect back on the last 10 months and to goal plan and set intentions for the upcoming year! My heart is filled with joy and gratitude. I have HUGE plans for the next 12 months. I have a vision bigger than I ever thought I could dream.

I want you to know that whatever it is you deeply desire in your life, it can be yours. Lean into love, lean into faith, lean into your passions, lean into your dreams and trust that you'll be fully supported! Today I celebrate! I celebrate all of my amazing clients. I celebrate your commitment to life, to love and to your vision! I celebrate the transcendence and growth!

Remember always, that you are worth it, that your story matters, and that your voice needs to be heard! I love you! I love you so much! Now let's continue to RISE UP, the world needs our work